Finally, plus size fashion that’s stylish…thank you Talbots!

The biggest complaint I here from women size 14 and above is that there is NOTHING out there even remotely stylish in this size bracket. Even to this day, when the average size in America is a size 14, there is nothing that suits a curvy frame. Truly, I could write a book about this predicament. How is it that we have some of the most talented designers in the world within our 50 states and no one puts anything other than a tent together for a woman with curves? I go on and on about this. 

Why do I go on and on? In particular I go nuts about this because I used to wear a size sixteen. Don’t even think I am smaller because I felt pressure to be thin. The bottom line is that I fell in love with running and the end result was a slightly smaller butt. I am still rocking the curves today. Trust me, anyone that knows me will tell you that. However,  my biggest frustration with being a large size was not being able to find a single piece of clothing that flattered my kick ass curves. And I was looking around and seeing women in my same position.  

It is the greatest frustration in the world to have money to spend and not be able to spend it because there’s nothing out there to spend it on! Designers…take note, please. There is a whole marketplace of women who will purchase your designs. We’re just waiting for you at this point.  Which brings me to my exciting announcement of the day.  I have finally found one designer who got a clue and put together a number of pieces that will not only fit but also flatter a larger frame. May I present to you, the new Talbots plus sized range for Spring Summer 2011…I have not been paid to deliver this message…this is a site I endorse 100% on my own. It’s classic, it’s stylish and it’s quality clothing, people. You know I love Talbots and now I have a reason to share it with an even greater population of women…  I don’t love all of the pieces. But then again, there are only a handful of designers that I have ever said “I love everything” when referring to their collections.

Here’s a look at some of the pieces that grabbed me first and foremost…


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