Don’t let Fashion Week bring out the worst in you…

This is long overdue and it’s a bit of a rant so if you’re not the type to stick through such things, stop now. I’m writing this as I exit Somerset House for a break from London Fashion Week for about an hour. This morning, after arriving at the BFC showspace, I witnessed five individual “bitch fits” inside of ten minutes. I kid you not, they happened one right after another. It was amazing. Looks were given, words were exchanged and certain invitations thrown, over the most ridiculous of things – such as not being let in before everyone else, not having a front row seat, not being given enough attention, etc etc. Ridiculous things, I tell you!

Ladies, were you raised by a pack of d-list celebrity wolves? I don’t care if you are Anna Wintour, which none of you were by the way. There is NOTHING in this world that entitles you to speak to another human being in that manner. I was embarrassed for you. Embarrassed that your world revolves around other people “recognizing” you. How have so many forgotten that attending fashion week is not about you? It’s about celebrating the talent of the designers around us that have slaved away for months to put on this show to meet your approval. I repeat, this show is NOT about you. And I have to say that this little diatribe applies to more than just editors of magazines and d-list celebrities, it applies to my fellow blogger as well. Yup, a great many of us have witnessed our blogosphere kin throwing mini tantrums in the past ten days. Cut it out! You’re giving us all a bad name.

I’m not writing this to be pissy or stir anything up in the fashion world, God knows there is enough in the pot already. I’m just writing to maybe make you step back, take a deep breath and remember that the best way to deal with anything is with a smile and understanding. May sound all very “Mary Poppins”, but it works! You never know what another person is going through on any given day so it’s always good to remember that you have an option in life in making someone miserable or brightening their day just a bit. Trust me, brightening will not only make YOU feel better but also everyone around you.

This is a non-paid for message in support of “smiles for fashion week”…haha..ok maybe that isn’t a real campaign but it might just be something I have to develop. I had to listen to  a young fashion PR cry in the toilets today and it nearly broke my heart. So sad and explains why fashion continues to get a bad rap… We bring it on ourselves!

Lecture over, pent up anger out on blog, now back to the tent!


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