Donna Karan Autumn Winter 2011 Highlights, New York Fashion Week

Donna Karan is comfort food for fashion. You are probably wondering what on earth I’m talking about when I make such an incredible statement…especially as many people believe fashionistas never even eat.  Allow me to explain. You know how on miserable nights you can make grilled cheese and tomato soup and all of the sudden your night becomes something magical and comforting and the whole world outside doesn’t matter one bit to you?  Well, Donna Karan gives us clothes that do the same thing.  When you slip on a piece, especially one of her gorgeous warm and luxurious pieces from the new A/W season, you go into sort of a comfort zone.  Nothing else matters.  Karan’s dresses cast a spell over you and your dreary evening becomes enchanting.  See, they’re comfort food. They turn a regular night into something extraordinary. This is possible because Donna Karan understands women. She herself is a curvy woman and therefore acts as a perfect translator between women and garments.  She may be walking size four models down the catwalk in the new creations, but I guarantee you these pieces will look just as good on a well proportioned size 14 woman.  THAT is the genius of Donna Karan and it shines through every season…


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