DAKS Autumn Winter 2011, London Fashion Week

Only in England can you get away with quilted circle skirts… In fact probably only at DAKS. But it works, in fact it’s beautiful. Taking a garment construction concept that’s usually reserved for outerwear and applying them to chic skirts, both long and short, is long overdue! DAKS hit the nail on the head. However, the show was a success from the top of the neck warming snoods to the tip of the patent leather boots. I saw more desirable coats, capes and sweaters than I could shake my whole wallet at!

There were some mutterings of the collection being too “old school”. To those obviously ignorant ladies sitting next to me I’d like to say, judging by your outfits you wouldn’t know “classic” if it slapped you in the face. DAKS is timeless, try being polite at shows. 

This collection is a dawn of a new day for the brand who screamed “we’re back and we have plans to stick around”. I was a very pleased guest indeed.


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