Buy your groceries and get a blowdry too…at Tesco!

Manicures, waxes, haircuts and colouring… all coming to a Tesco near you. 

Some people are going to laugh out loud at the concept of Tesco offering beauty treatments in stores. But ladies, let’s get real here. We are struggling to fit as much as we can into every single second of the day.  Why wouldn’t we love the opportunity to get that leg wax we’ve been delaying done just before picking up some bread for the week? It’s the one stop shop mentality and frankly I think it will be mocked and then appreciated beyond belief. Who hasn’t been in that situation where they are leaving for a vacation and have under hour to get ten things done? Travel between places is the biggest waste of time their is.  This is why the Walmarts of the world are so successful.  Now, Tesco, is there any chance you also will provide a personal shopping service for those having treatments in store? Say I hand you a list and you retrieve all my items while I’m wincing over the pain of waxing? If that’s part of the package I’ll never shop another supermarket! 


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