Victoria Beckham pregnant with fourth child

Congrats to Victoria and David Beckham who are pregnant again! This will be Victoria’s fourth child.  That’s quite the brood to manage! How does she do it and everything else…including a to die for fashion label?  It’s a five letter word probably, S-T-A-F-F.  Regardless, she’s done a lot and it appears that she and David have raised three very well mannered little boys so far! Congrats, Victoria! We hope this next one’s a girl. You need someone to pass your gorgeous wardrobe on to one day!

PS. We looked everywhere for images of Victoria pregnant and couldn’t find a thing, not a sausage. Does she go into hiding when preggers? We can’t remember but we’re sure hoping this doesn’t mean we won’t see VB for another nine months!

Image property of UK’s Closer Magazine, 2006


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