Tiffany & Co. has left me in a daydream…

How am I expected to work at 10:15 on a Thursday morning when I get an email showcasing Tiffany & Co. Engagement rings? Honestly! As soon as I open the new message and I see the sparkly diamonds showcased on a sea of Tiffany Blue, I am entranced.  No work will get done. All I want to do is go and buy ten bridal magazines and daydream about classic white dresses, men in tuxedos and the perfect bouquet.  So who cares if the groom hasn’t been arranged yet (that’s right, there’s no ring on this finger…all the single ladies, all the single ladies)?  And how, when you look at this email, can you not immediately think of that scene in Sweet Home Alabama where McDreamy asks Reese Witherspoon to marry him in Tiffany’s? Here’s a refresher in case you don’t remember…

Just thought I’d share why you might not receive any breaking news for a while…I am off in la-la land planning my dream wedding…yes, I am that sappy girl. Forgive me.


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