Sofia Vergara for Kmart? Seriously?

It’s no joke. She’s going the way of many women before her (including Jaclyn Smith and Selena Gomez) and putting her name on a label for a Kmart line.  I have to be honest here. That takes a whole lot of guts.  As Sofia Vergara is currently a big name in Hollywood, she herself has become a brand. 

Brand management is essential and every single step you take in aligning yourself with a merchant signals to the general public what you consider your brand to be. What my business mind tells me is that it makes sense for her to be in Kmart. Modern Family, the show in which Vergara stars, is actually a show that is watched by all of America. And the truth be told…the mass majority of Americans shop in places like Walmart and Kmart – not Saks Fifth or Neiman Marcus.  

And you know what, each and every person has a desire to look their best (no matter how deeply that desire may be buried – and after seeing some people shopping at Walmart lately I feel it must be buried very deep indeed).  So if Vergara can help bring fashionable clothing to the masses at an affordable price, why the hell shouldn’t she?  

I will admit that when I first read about the collaboration I was skeptical as we all know Sofia Vergara does not step out in Kmart clothing herself. She’s dressed to the nines in every papped picture we come across.  But sometimes you do have to look at the bigger picture and that’s what I’m doing now.  I wish her new line every success and look forward to examining it closer next time I’m in the big ole’ US of A.


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