Melanie Sykes covers herself in chocolate to promote new dieting site in the UK

Well it seems there’s more than one way to skin a cat…as the expression goes. As it’s the new year we can all expect to see advert after advert encouraging us to get into shape or change our lives for the better with a new healthy eating plan. Melanie Sykes, of UK fame, is trying a new angle for the online diet site – Shape Smart.  Melanie was covered in chocolate to revel her secret diet confession…her addiction to chocolate. I’m not really sure if this is going to encourage me to diet but one thing it does do is put me off of chocolate completely. At least the diet website looks interesting…although I would suggest a revamp of your current approach to bring people in to the fold.  This one isn’t working for me… (so looks like it will be Atkins again this year).

Picture courtesy of the Associated Press via the Daily Mail


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