Katy Perry’s pic without makeup tweeted by Russell…

Could this perhaps be the first reason for Russell and Katy to argue? Russell Brand posted this picture of Katy Perry on twitter a few days ago and the pic has gone absolutely everywhere, even though Russell took the picture down soon after. I, personally, think this picture will only help Katy Perry.  Allowing your fans to see every once and a while that you are normal and have bad skin days or don’t look absolutely perfect without your makeup….it makes you human and it tugs at our heartstrings!  It allows us to identify more with the lyrics you write and the tales you tell of heartache or struggle.  Katy, this pic release was a great thing! We’re loving it and so should you (just in case you were screaming bloody murder at Brandy this evening).

Another reason to love Katy Perry…have you seen the video for her latest single “Firework”?


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