How about Jason Wu for your wedding?

I don’t know what it is but there is something strange about the idea of having someone three years younger than me designing my wedding dress. I just never thought it would be something I would do, you know? It somehow seems wrong.  You want someone like Oscar de la Renta, who has years of experience with love and relationships, to create a gown with all his knowledge of marital bliss (actually don’t know his history…might not be blissful at all).  This is clearly just me being old fashioned and superstitious. 

So when I was asked to look at Jason Wu’s bridal collection for Net-a-Porter, I opened the files with a bit of a chip on my shoulder. Seriously, what is my problem? I was kicking myself as soon as I opened the first image.  It clearly does not matter, not one ounce, if you are 27 or 67.  When it comes to wedding gowns, it’s like everything else in fashion, if you have an eye for beauty you can achieve the unthinkable in perfection.  This is what Wu has down for his latest bridal collection.


Jason Wu has created dresses that work for every type of wedding. Want a shutgun wedding in Vegas? Sorted! Fancy a big church wedding at Westminster (a la Kate and Wills)? Wu’s got your number!  Or how about a chic City Hall number for the Park Avenue Princess in a hurry (think Carrie and Mr. Big)?  It’s all here and I predict it’ll be a hit with the brides this Spring.  Is it bad that I want to call one in just to swish around the apartment for a day? Yes, we’ve all seen that Friends episode!

Jason Wu, thanks for showing me that sometimes I need to open my options up beyond the traditional.  You are always an inspiration and continue to leave me with my jaw on the floor after every release!


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