Fratelli Rossetti Collaborate with Italian Photographer, Ferdinando Scianna

If you happen to be in Milan this weekend, I have a hot tip on an exhibition that’s worth checking out. The famous Italian brand, Fratelli Rossetti, is holding an exhibit in their gallery on Piazza San Carlo 2, that displays a gorgeous view of human hands. Why is this fitting for Fratelli Rossetti? Well since the brand is known throughout the world for their magnificent hand made shoes…hands are the most important and beautiful thing in the world to them (besides your feet with their shoes on them)!

Iconic Italian photographer, Ferdinando Scianna has captured the great beauty of our hands through black and white photography for this exhibition, “Master Hands”.  He shares tender moments, desperate moments and hungry moments in which are hands are our best bet for satisfaction.  It is truly a memorable show and worth a trip to see. 


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