Taylor Momsen steps in as the face for John Galliano fragrance

I don’t just like John Galliano, I love John Galliano. So when I see a picture of Taylor Momsen, the one girl that seems to signify everything that is wrong with American youth at the moment, it upsets me greatly to see John Galliano’s name printed just below.  Honestly, I am not sure who this ad was meant to appeal to. If you are a successful thirty something women you will look at this ad and think “who is this disgusting rugrat?”If you are a mother of a teenage girl you will think “this is not the type of girl my daughter resembles” and won’t buy the product.  I suppose the only person that would buy this perfume, based on an ad of this sort, would be a girl that is exactly like Taylor Momsen. Now I don’t mean to put a damper on sale projections but I pray to all that’s holy that there are not a lot of Taylor Momsens out there. If there are, I might be checking my passport at the border when I fly back to London next week. 

Galliano, if you’re reading…please reconsider for the next advert. You have a chance to send a good message with your advertising while still attracting massive sales! 


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