So how do you feel about working in a world of women with “perfect” bodies?

As I was sitting at home catching up on recent news with an old friend, we tripped upon these newly released photos of Megan Fox prancing around in a teeny weeny bikini with an amazing six pack.  My friend turned to me and said, “Emily, how do you not go insane having to write about and be around women with such perfect bodies all the time?”  I seem to be getting this question a lot and my answer tends to always be, “it depends on what your idea of perfection is.”  I am no slouch when it comes to taking care of myself. I eat right, I run a 5k everyday and I try to look after what I’ve been given for this lifetime.  In short, I am happy. But I know, for a fact, what it takes to have a body like this.  It takes a lot more than a regular run and eating 80% healthy most of the time.  This is dedication.  It is happiness for some but the majority of women it is a never ending pain in the ass.  Am I jealous of the way they look? Of course! But would I be happy with all it took to get my body into that shape? Maybe for five minutes, then I’d want a cheeseburger!

So you are probably asking, why bring this up now? I am hearing more and more about young women (as young as seven in fact) talking about not eating to stay skinny because they want to look like these pictures of Megan Fox or other pictures floating around of women with bodies most of us wouldn’t get if we actually did starve ourselves and workout six hours a day.  Some of us are just genetic freaks that got lucky with amazing bodies that don’t require much work. Others have to watch what they eat to stay trim.  But my advice is always to do what makes you happy.  We live in a world that is very focused on appearance right now. If we’re being honest, this blog wouldn’t exist if it were any other way. 

However, even I have days when I feel down on myself and a lot of that comes from reporting on pictures of amazing women in amazing clothing.  On the days when it gets really bad, when I am beating myself up and thinking I’ll try the latest crash diet, I sit down and I put myself in check. I remember how lucky I am to be healthy.  I think about the fact that I have a roof over my head every night, a family that loves me and a network of friends that I absolutely adore and could not live without.  My health, friends, family and shelter are not reliant on having a six pack and looking good in a tiny black bikini. 

It’s Christmas.  Instead of opening a glossy magazine, looking at a picture of a woman with a body you’d like to have and beating yourself up about it, look around you and realize how absolutely blessed you are to have all that you do. Having the “perfect” body isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be.  But, having a dozen people you can hug and kiss on the holidays is absolutely irreplaceable! 

Images courtesy of Zimbio.


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