Revolve Clothing bans Allie Crandell from site for being too skinny

The power of the American consumer! I love it! Revolve Clothing recently displayed pictures of Allie Crandell, famous for her role on MTV’s The City, on their website advertising a few BCBG dresses.  As you can see, from one of the images above, this lollipop model gives new meaning to the scary skinny model phenomenon.  She also does absolutely nothing for the dress she is advertising.  I honestly just want to sit her down in front of an extra large pizza from Domino’s and make her eat every last bite. Apparently I wasn’t the only one with these views. Revolve shoppers took to the comments section of the site to voice their concerns. Revolve Clothing responded responsibly by announcing they would not feature the model on the site again until she had put on some weight. Well played, PR department!  Now let’s just hope that Allie can turn a corner and put some meat on them there bones!

However, Revolve Clothing may want to take a look at the rest of the models on the site while they’re at it…there was more than one lollipop head in the bunch…

All images courtesy of Revolve Clothing

Read more about this story on the Daily Mail, London


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