Mulberry launches iPad application

It seems like everyone is jumping into the iPad party.  With so many new apps left, right and centre, I’m a bit overwhelmed with what to announce and what to hold back on. That is of course, except for when I get an email from Mulberry telling me all about their new application for the Apple wonder. This is one application that deserves it’s very own little piece.  No chic girl on earth lives life without Mulberry.  It’s become a brand that is as recognizable as the old luxury firms.  It also has leather that I simple can’t stop stroking (sadly, even when I am carrying my own bag…I sometimes pet it like a kitten…oh how sad that sounds).  

So on to the topic at hand…Mulberry’s iPad app. It’s more than just an online shop front. Mulberry for iPad allows you to share your favourite Mulberry finds with your friends on email or Facebook, provides loads of videos for late night luxury dreaming, lets you buy directly from look books and keeps you up to date with all the news on the Mulberry Blog. 

Here is a totally cute little video that will tell you more about using your Mulberry app.

You can download the app here.


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