Mischa Barton covers Tatler January 2011

I should have posted this long ago but I’ve been toying with the right words to use in commenting on this cover. Anyone that’s seen Mischa Barton in the past three or four years has likened her existence to a train wreck. Bless her poor soul, since the O.C. nothing’s been the same.  I think a real low point over the past year was  watching her interview with Fearne Cotton.  It wasn’t pretty and it displayed a Mischa that needs a lot of love and attention to recover past fame. This picture Tatler has taken, of the former star, certainly portrays her in a different light than what most see as the reality of her life. We do wish Mischa the best. This cover should be blown up and put on her wall and should act as a reminder that there is a classy and elegant young woman within…


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