Is Jessica Simpson pregnant or just in need of a stylist?

After watching Jessica Simpson step out in baggy clothing for the past fortnight I can’t help but wonder what is going on.  Over the past year Jessica has made a lot of bad fashion decisions. I’m loving Jessica’s new curves but she is pulling the old “baggy to hide” trick that never works for anyone. I can only think that she is either a. unhappy with her new bod or b. pregnant and trying to keep it secret for as long as possible. I’m hoping for option b. as I think Jess would make a great mother and a baby would bring her a great deal of joy.  If, however, we are stuck on option a., this Texan needs to get shoot herself into a style adviser! Baggy clothes are never a good idea. The odd thing about baggy clothes is that only a stick insect can really pull them off.  Remember that, ladies.  Curves are meant to be hugged so show your ins and outs some love tomorrow when you step out! And Jess, we hope we can send congrats your way soon!


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