Breakfast with Coach in London

This morning I had breakfast with Coach, the legendary American leather experts.  Coach has been a part of my life since I was playing in my mother’s high heels and makeup.  When I was looking for an accessory, to compliment my God awful attempt at makeup,  it was always a Coach bag that I would reach for. Even at the tender age of eight I knew the feel of good leather.  Coach leather was, and still is, like no other leather on earth. It’s buttery soft texture warms a fashion follower to the very core.  These are handbags that last you a lifetime. That’s not an exaggeration, that’s the truth. I have a Coach tote that I “borrowed” from my mother that is from a collection that was designed the year I was born! I personally think it’s only become better with the wear and tear of everyday life. 

What I love most is the story that Coach began in 1941 all because of the feel of the leather that was used to make American baseball gloves. When I think back now, of course that makes perfect sense. Baseball gloves are handed down from generation to generation and each recipient claims the glove has only been made better with age.  So why shouldn’t the same be said for a handbag?  Leather is meant to be used and abused.  Coach has given us bags that bounce back from the everyday struggles of city life. They’ve given us handbags that feel just as lush two years after buying as they did the first day you removed them from their precious carrier bags. 

Ah, but you see, I’ve managed to lose myself in the story again. The real reason I’m writing today is because I have great news. Coach is opening a flagship store in London, on New Bond Street! The bad news is that it’s not opening tomorrow. We’re in for a bit of a wait.  The store won’t be open to the public until next Fall. However, we are being given a little taster before the big store opening in central London.    Coach is opening a shop at Westfield in February (and they’ve even designed a special bag exclusively for the store – see pics below).  

You know you will get a full report from me as soon as the doors open, so stay tuned! And in the meantime, take a look at what you will see in store from February…the Spring Summer 2011 line up. Try not to drool too much on your keyboards… Oh and we’ll start with a few pictures from the uber-delicious breakfast!


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