Givenchy sues BCBG

Seems BCBG has found itself in a spot of trouble this week.  Take one look at the bags above and you’ll see why. Givenchy is suing BCBG for trade dress infringement. Basically they’re saying the BCBG has copied one of their most classic bags – the Nightingale. The BCBG version of the bag is called the Remembrant.  Apparently, the lawsuit states that the BCBG bag could mislead clients by making them believe they are purchasing a bag related to Givenchy. Interesting take on things. I, for one, would never think that buying a BCBG bag is in any way, shape or form like buying a Givenchy bag. They’re in two different fashion universes, wouldn’y you say?

It will be interesting to see how things ones pans out…we’ll keep you in the loop!


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