Review: Hush Brasserie, Mayfair, London

Last night I went along to Hush Brasserie with Luxe Life to sample the food of the recently refurbished Hush Brasserie.  Let me start by saying that I have a good history with Hush. I’ve visited the cocktail bar on a number of occasions with friends and colleagues and enjoyed more cocktails and massive bar bills than I care to admit. Two or three years ago Hush was “The Place” to go for an after work drink or meal.  Every night there was an atmosphere in Lancashire Court. The courtyard would be overflowing with people waiting for tables. As we sat down to dinner last night at 7pm there seemed to be more waiters than customers.

As we sat down we were brought bread and olives to enjoy pre-starter. This comes at a price: £2.25. But the Olives are gorgeous and the bread is the perfect combination of crusty outside with soft warm bellies. Throw in some olive oil and I’m a happy camper.

I followed it with a white peach Bellini, which was gorgeous but difficult to keep mixed (as odd as that sounds).  I couldn’t get the mixer at the bottom to go anywhere so i was left with slightly flavoured champagne and a load of white peach puree at the end to finish.  If I could have mixed it I would have been all too happy to mix and drink, and repeat, but that substance wasn’t going anywhere!

Luxe Life ordered the Pork Belly with Soft Polenta.  It was nicely presented and looked absolutely delicious. You’ll have to read her review to find out what she thought. At £18.50 for the plate I am hoping she was pleased.

I opted for the Moules with Provencal Sauce. I will give Hush their due.  This was the biggest portion of steamed mussels I have ever had in a restaurant before.  At just £13.50, it was one of the best priced options on the menu and it truly was good value for money if you think in terms of serving size. I actually couldn’t finish the entire pot (and that is rare for me).

The Moules did not come with a side and Luxe Life’s polenta wasn’t substantial enough so we ordered additional sides, which was an option that was encouraged at the time of ordering. We had green beans and chips.  Really the chips should come with the Boules but I know we aren’t in Belgium and things don’t always have to be so traditional – just would have been nice!

Luxe Life really won the dessert game. She ordered the Mars Bar Cheesecake (below).  It is a phenomenally indulgent piece of work.  So indulgent, in fact, that Luxe Life couldn’t even finish it! When have you ever know a girl to not like a plate clean when it comes to chocolate and cheesecake? This is a positive statement for Hush. This is a dessert that you can order with multiple friends to enjoy. It’s heavy and perfect for just a few spoonfuls of delight.  I opted for the upside-down vanilla and lemon cheesecake. To be honest, I wished I had ordered the Mars Bar Cheesecake.  My dessert was more a mousse and less a cheesecake.  It was good but it was not outstanding.  And let’s be honest, when you spend money to have someone else cook for you, you want it to be remarkable!

Review as a whole…average.  The meal as a whole was good but it wasn’t great. I’m picky. I want greatness. London is made up of restaurants that are the envy of the world and why have dinner in a place that is just average?  If you work in the area and you need a place to have a business lunch, this is a good place to go. It works for simplicity. However, if you are taking client out to impress them with our gourmet city, look farther afield.


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