NFL International Series at Wembley Stadium in London: The Fashion Goose takes a turn


This Saturday, Fashion Foie Gras was invited along to Wembley Stadium to bear witness to the fourth consecutive year of the NFL playing abroad in London. The 49ers played the Broncos in a game that, while started out slow, finished with an all out battle for the win! 

Ladies, don’t just switch off on this post. Don’t click to the next article.  I know sports are a man thing, for the most part. Most of my female friends only watch football or American football to spend time with their man. But there are so many joys to be found in watching football. First of all, the majority of the men on the field are handsome, over six feet tall, make a salary that makes an investment banker look like a burger flipper, and wear bum hugging spandex for the entire game. Secondly, going to an NFL game isn’t all about what’s happening on the field.  There is just as much fun to be had  participating in the crowd tomfoolery than with any other sport on the planet. The great music, gorgeous cheerleaders and fancy half time shows could entertain even the toughest critic. The game itself is extremely easy to follow. There are no “off side” rules. There are two field goals and each team essentially has four chances to get their ball to the other side to score. It really is pretty much that simple.  So there’s no need to be intimidated by all the mumbo-jumbo usually associated with ball games. Football is a beginner friendly sport. You can learn most of the rules as you go along. I’m not saying this to be patronizing and if you are an American woman reading this and shaking your head, remember I’m talking to an international market here and most people outside the USA didn’t all grow up with a pigskin in their crib!

So allow me to take you on a photographic journey of my afternoon at Wembley Stadium with the 49ers and the Broncos!

We started out in the player’s tunnel for the 49ers.  The men rushed out from the locker room looking revved up and ready to kick some serious Denver Bootie!



Then we hightailed it back up to our seats in the press section. In case you can’t already tell, we were spoiled rotten on the day. I’ve been to more NFL games in the USA than I can even remember and this was on another level completely (sorry, Carolina Panthers…I still love your Club section!). London is really showing the world that they can play with the big boys when it comes to hosting these international events.  Talk of a Superbowl in London could be returning…we heard more than a few whispers!

As it was Halloween on the day, we saw a lot of crazy costumes. Our favourites were definitely the Sesame Street characters that sat to our right.

We had all sorts of activities in the crowd.  Flags were on every seat in the stadium and when directed to do so the whole stadium would turn flaming red as flags were raised and waved high in the sky! It was quite the sight and made everyone feel even more a part of the atmosphere that was created inside the stadium.

At half time we were given a foot long hot dog and a coke.  Yes, I really did feel like I was back on US soil at this point. It was all perfect and I was in heaven.  The only thing missing at that point were my boys (my dad and three brothers). 

It was all over way too soon and we were left with a massive crowd of people clearing the stadium. Just look at the picture below….packed with people as far as the eye can see!

In 2011 I had better see some of my readers out there in the crowd! This is an event that is not to be missed in London and it’s one that I plan to never miss out on again! Only next year I might see if I can take a player home with me as a parting gift. London could always make room for another 6’5, 335 pound man!

I would like to say a big thank you people that made today possible – Lucie and Simon!


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