The ‘Liquid Cashmere’ Experience at Aqua London

Last week I took a moment out of my insane schedule to relax.  Can you imagine me relaxing? Not likely! However, sit me in a comfortable chair, throw a cashmere blanket over my lap and hand me a delicious warming cocktail and you would never know I was juggling a thousand things at once. In fact, I might have even forgotten exactly where and who I was!  That was my night last week at Aqua in London. Aqua had invited me to take part in their new ‘Liquid Cashmere’ experience on their roof terrace.  Anyone familiar with Aqua knows they have one of the best views of London from their rooftop.  It is gorgeous and a favourite summer haunt of mine. However, when the weather turns cold in London it can be difficult to think about spending an evening outside drinking.  Aqua has changed everything.  The only thing missing on the night was a gorgeous man sharing my cashmere blanket. Waiters made their way through the cashmere covered crowds, handing out cocktails that were not only delicious but so warm they seemed to light a fire within. And as if the experience isn’t fabulous enough, you’re also spoiled by the hot hand-held bowls of seasonal Japanese and Spanish dishes. Amazing!

Unfortunately this experience won’t last forever, but it will be on every Monday night for the winter months..I’ll let you know the closing date as soon as I hear it. But for now you know where you’ll find me on Monday nights.  I can already tell this will be my only hope at avoiding a nervous breakdown.

The nitty gritty details:

Aqua London, 5th Floor, 240 Regent Street, London, W1B 3BR
(Entrance at 30 Argyll Street, opposite The Palladium)
T: 020 7478 0540


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