I simply love Disney Couture Jewellery

If I could, I would wear nothing but Disney Couture Jewellery. I will admit that it actually has nothing to do with the style – and it is quite stylish, don’t get me wrong. It actually has everything to do with how it makes me feel. Yes, this is about to turn into a sappy post so prepare yourself.  

When I look down at a ring, bracelet or necklace that says, “A dream is a wish your heart makes“, “Believing is just the beginning“,  or “Think Wonderful thoughts,” my heart swells.  These are the tiniest reminders that can change my entire outlook for the day and they’re all provided by Disney. They’re all lessons we learned as kids, as we watched innocent children’s films. But we’ve grown up and so many of us have forgotten exactly what made childhood so magical – the ability to dream and think that anything in the world can be ours as long as we believe in it. 

This Christmas, if I had the money, I would send you each a piece of this jewellery to wear day in and day out. I do really believe it’s the best present that can be given because it is not just a bit of bling, it’s a reminder that the world is your oyster.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank Disney Couture for creating this line and making us all kids at heart again from the moment we slip on a piece of silver or gold.


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