Happy 1st Birthday Fashion Foie Gras

It has been a crazy twelve months since this blog started and I just wanted to take an opportunity (although a wee bit belated) to thank everyone that has made this blog a success. It is amazing what can happen in only twelve months.  I have been lucky enough to meet some of the most incredible men and women on earth in 2010. It’s been worth every night without sleep and every chaotic day running around like a headless chicken (or goose as the case may be). For the first month that the blog was in existence I had between ten and fifty readers a day and I know most of those were family and friends. I know that my readership today is where it is not only because of dedication and hard work but also because of the amazing PRs, bloggers, store owners, brand ambassadors and many more who believed in what I was trying to do from day one.

I will raise a glass tonight as I blog and toast all of you. Thank you for being you and helping me with all that I have managed to do. It’s truly surreal!  Here’s to another year!


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