Guest Blogger: Miss Emma Day, professional makeup artist to the rich and famous, reviews Sisley Facial

There are two questions I get asked when I tell people that I’m a makeup artist. The first is (which always makes me wince a bit)   – ” Have you ever worked with any celebs who are really difficult?”. The answer to that is, “In fifteen years, only twice, which is pretty good going”. The other question is  -“What are your favourite brands?” That second question is harder to answer, I love alot of brands. Its like being asked what your favourite music is. However, when forced to condense it down, one of the first names on my list will be Sisley. Sisley is one of those brands that has always stood out as being an incredibly luxurious and grown up skincare and cosmetic brand, its the Bentley of skincare.  I can safely say, I’ve never met anyone who has a bad thing to say about it, except for the fact they wish they could afford more of it. So when Sisley suggested I try one of their facials at Urban Spa, I was ecstatic at the idea, who wouldn’t be?

I’m one of those people that doesn’t have facials very often as I have a very expensive highlight habit to fund. In my time, I  have had the occasional facial that has ranged from brilliant to a down-right waste of money that I could have done myself. As soon as I entered the calming Sisley  room at Urban retreat and was greeted by the lovely Lindsay, I knew I was going to be in good hands.  

I was popped into what resembled a bed, wearing just my knickers and a towel, the cover was put over me and quite frankly I was ready for a good kip because I already felt so relaxed, gently lulled by quiet classical music tinkling in the background. I inhaled delicious aromatic oils and breathed deeply in and out and then Lindsay got to work. One of the  differences between a good facial and a bad one is the confidence and dexterity of the facialists touch  and  as Lindsay prepped, primed and massaged various delicious unguents into my weary complexion, I could literally feel it springing back to life. I have combination skin which means I luckily don’t seem to have wrinkles but there is the odd bit of what is politely described as “congestion” here and there – in less delicate terms, black-heads and the odd unsightly spot. Sisley do not believe in extracting these, rather they let the massage and products do their work so  the impurities are lifted out naturally. 

Pressure points on my face were worked on repeatedly and sinuses were cleared which was helpful as I had been recovering from a cold and still feeling a bit blocked up. My shoulders, decollete, hands and feet were also worked on – the combination of which lead to a delicious sense of well being. To cut a long story short – an hour and half later,  I felt like I had been reborn. My skin had the look and texture of teenager and quite honestly I was glowing, everything looked plumped up and restored, I put a bit of foundation back on to face the streets of Knightsbridge   but in reality I didn’t need to…  This is a luxury facial and because of that, it doesn’t come cheap. However, if you have a special event coming up (and I know for a fact many red- carpet actresses go here) or just really need a serious bit of pampering – you really cannot go wrong with booking in, I highly recommend it.

Sisley facials cost from £95 to £140 at Urban Retreat Harrods


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