The Gucci artisans come to London!

Last Thursday, Gucci’s London Sloane Street store was taken over by the Gucci Artisans. You may recall I wrote a piece on a similar event which took place last month in Toronto. But, as I am a big lover of Gucci (as you should be too) I can’t help but report on the event that took place this time around in London town. It might have been a similar theme but it was a different city and different people. 

The atmosphere was one of incredible excitement as women were able to see their handbags and accessories made right before their eyes. Many remarked on a new appreciation for items in their collection as we were able to see how Gucci bags truly are works of art.  If anyone ever doubted that they need only see an Florentine artisan hard at work to be proven wrong.  Every penny that is saved in order to purchase a bag is immediately justified. I swear, with each event I fall more and more in love with the brand.  

Here’s a look at some shots from the evening…Bravo, Gucci…and grazie!


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