Gilly Hicks opens in London

It was a tough weekend for Fashion Foie Gras. On Saturday we were forced to spend the entire morning with dozens of Abercrombie + Fitch models on a double decker bus travelling from London’s Mayfair Abercombie + Fitch store to the new Gilly Hicks store in Westfield.  It was tough. I gotta tell you, sometimes my job is just so damn difficult.  Alright, so maybe it isn’t that difficult. But I wasn’t on the bus to stare at gorgeous men all day. I was there to help them pass out Gilly Hicks undies to the masses along the way and to document the whole event to come back here and give you the play by play! 

For those of you not familiar with the Gilly Hicks brand, it’s time to get yourself down to Westfield for a closer look. Gilly Hicks is the “cheeky cousin of Abercrombie + Fitch”,  best known for their knickers which range from casual to sexy. I, frankly, think the brand is just down right adorable and fits into the closet of any aged woman.  The pieces available are meant to be comfortable yet also sexy.  I can’t remember those two things coming together very often but Gilly Hicks pulls it off.

Don’t feel too out of the loop if you haven’t heard of Gilly Hicks before now. They opened their first store in 2008 and since then have opened 17 stores across America and launched their online marketplace in 2009.  And finally, London has an store!!! The store itself is absolutely incredible inside. My favourite room has to be the “bra library” were bras are on display in dark cherry wood shelves. This is a store you have to check out for yourself and allow plenty of time for browsing as there is a lot to see and choose from!

Here’s a photo journal of my travels with the Gilly Hicks team with the Abercrombie + Fitch boys leading the way…


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