Fitflop presents footwear for the winter months!

Yesterday I was invited to spend an evening with some lovely online fashion journalists and  the stunning Marcia Kilgore, the founder of Fitflop (as well as Bliss Spas and Soap & Glory).  Despite the fact that the rest of London was preparing for yet another tube strike, we all managed to get to Morton’s on Berkeley Square to take a look at the latest offering from the Fitflop empire. It was well worth risking not being able to get home!

Most people who know or already own Fitflops are aware of how absolutely fabulous these little guys are.  As a journalist, I know these days I spend most of time with my behind in a chair and not as much time out and moving about as I would like to! So every step has to count for me.  When I was told, several years ago, that I could buy a flipflop that would help my legs shape up with every step I took I was at first skeptical. However, I bought into the hype and purchased a pair in the first week they were made available in England. I haven’t looked back since. In fact, I loved them so much I bought a pair for almost every female in my life – mom, aunts, cousins, friends…they all had a pair under the Christmas tree that year.

The only thing that had me a bit bent out of shape was the fact that the Fitflops were only wearable in the Spring Summer time. Unless I wanted to risk being a fashion outcast by stepping out in socks and Fitflops…I shudder at the thought.  However, last night Fitflop revealed a whole different side to their genius footwear…fitflop boots and shoes!!!! I flipped out! This may sound ridiculous but when I put on a pair of the shearling boots and looked in the mirror I could already picture how my legs would look after a few months of wearing these bad boys around town to press days! Saying I was “excited” just doesn’t cover it.

It was also a pretty amazing experience to speak with Marcia Kilgore. This woman is a bundle of energy. Honestly, it just didn’t stop.  When I was reading her CV and saw that she had founded two beauty companies before FitFlop I thought I would meet a woman who looked exhausted and a lot of other things. But I never expected what I got from Marcia.  She was bubbly, inspiring and interested in what we had to say.  She told her story of moving to New York with only $300 in her pocket and striking out on her own and her words were sincere and passionate.  Marcia is a brave soul that has worked tirelessly on building brands that women adore. You can’t help but love this woman.  

I feel so privileged to have met the whole team at Fitflop – who were all so friendly and supportive.  Thank you for a wonderful evening. I also can’t thank you enough for the pair of boots that I nearly slept in last night after collapsing in bed due to a 2 mile walk home because of the damn tube strike! My legs were feeling good after that walk and I have to say that without the Fitflops I can only imagine what sort of state I would be in today!


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