A few things I’m loving from Dorothy Perkins right now…

I went shopping this weekend (online of course) and there were a few things that I bought from Dorothy Perkins that I am VERY pleased with and just thought I would share. I think sometimes DP gets a bad rap. Five years ago it wasn’t exactly the best high street store. However, in the past 12 months we’ve seen a new face for Dorothy and they’ve brought out a range of clothing and accessories that definitely deserves an order!  I honestly can’t believe the prices sometimes. They’ve golden! That’s why I thought I bring this up today…and it’s Fashion Night In tonight so it’s the perfect time to shop for savings!

Mushroom tassel pumps £23.00

Taupe fur cuff wedge boots £48.00 

Black faux fur cross body bag £28.00

  Chocolate loop through waist belt £10.00

  Khaki/tan contrast waist belt £8.00

  Black moleskin drape jacket £40.00

  Camel patch shearling trim coat £60.00

  Grey buckle front cape £65.00

So there you have it…a small selection of pieces that I adore.  There’s a lot more on there but I know you like discovering things for yourself. This was a just a reminder to check out an old friend. Revisiting can bring about all kinds of new surprises! 


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