Fashion Foie Gras is off to Paris!

Tomorrow I take to the skies. I’m flying to Paris for the night. It isn’t all fun and games. It’s for work…Fashion Foie Gras work.  There will be a lot to report on when I’m back but in the meantime, if you think of any special places I need to visit while I am there email me – 

And watch out come Monday morning as there will be more news from Paris than you can shake a tail feather at!
I’m sorry that this means that I leave you all on your lonesome for the weekend. Enjoy the autumn leaves and fresh smells of fall…winter is coming and there’ll be snow on the ground soon (at which point all my chic goose friends will be flying south to warmer and sexier climates like Miami while I’m stuck shaking out my iced feathers in London…oh the things I do to keep you in the loop with fashion)!
Love to you all!
FFG xoxo


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