A Fashion Bloggers Dream Competition from Paypal

This morning I purchased a vintage piece on eBay and as I was clicking into Paypal a screen popped up letting me know that I was in for a chance at winning one year’s salary (or £40,000) just by using Paypal.  And as it turns out, every time I use Paypal I’m in with another chance at winning.

I couldn’t help but think this was the fashion blogger’s dream come true.  Someone to pay your way so that you can write full time for a year and attend each and every fashion week and event without a moment’s worry concerning how you will find a way to pay the rent?! It’s heaven!! So needless to say I have made the decision to pay for everything using Paypal until the competition concludes.

I immediately went on to find out which of my favourite online shopping spaces would accept Paypal so that I could continue on my quest to win. I was pleased to find the following:

Zara, ASOS, Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge, Topshop, Wallis, TK Maxx and New Look.

From this point on all of my Christmas shopping will be done using Paypal. This opportunity is too good to pass up! Thanks to Paypal for offering such a wonderful incentive. Just imagine all of things you can do with a whole year off work, people! The possibilities are endless and my mind is spinning trying to take it all in!

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