An evening with Erdem and Zagliani at Browns

So I guess I know now that some dreams really do come true.  This evening I was invited by my two lovely and talented friends, Iman Pasha (stylist to everyone that is anyone) and Hind Dahmash (Queen Bee of Fashion PR company Expose Communications) to join in an evening of shopping with Erdem and Zagliani.  If you don’t know these two brands, well, shame on you! But all is not lost, the fashion information ER is here.  All you really need to know is that no closet is complete without an Erdem dress and no arm or hand is truly elegant without shouldering or clutching a bag from Zagliani.  

Upon arriving at Browns I was swiftly led up the stairs to the viewing room where canapes, champagne and gorgeous company awaited.  However, the stars of the show were the garments and bags. It’s always funny to take notice of the fact that women all smile more when they are around such gorgeous items.  Tonight the whole room had ear to ear grins! Luxury “does a smile good.”  

My eyes were immediately drawn to Tala ( as I came into the room.  I’ve been running into Tala all week at press days but she certainly wasn’t sporting this gorgeous garment in her travels!

A model was making her way through the crowd as the night progressed. Every time I ran into her she seemed to be wearing another gorgeous dress! She certainly looked like she was in heaven. Who wouldn’t be wearing Erdem?  Her presence tipped more than a few ladies over the edge into buying more dresses than they intended to!

I decided to enlist my own model, Miss Kristin Knox, to try on some of her favourite dresses (and my favourite white dress, which I’m now keeping in mind as a potential wedding dress).

Erdem was one of the most warm and friendly designers I have met to date.  Also, how can you not love a man that instantly picks up Butters the Fashion Dog and offers to trade him for a dress? Fabulous!  Erdem took some time out to share his story of rising to the top (although he is so fabulously humble he would never phrase it that way) and talk about his life as a North American. This is, of course, where we bonded…oh and also the fact that he had just flown through my hometown’s airport (Charlotte, NC) on the way to London.  That’s right. I got to talk to Erdem and what did we talk about? – Americans vs. Canadians, travel and airports. I do have to put on a better investigative reporting hat. I’m pretty sure those aren’t details you want to read about!

We had a wonderful surprise visit towards the end of the evening with Mrs. B (Joan Burstein), founder of Browns and a woman most people consider to be the Queen of fashion.  Mrs. B is absolutely the most charming and elegant woman I have ever met in my lifetime.  There is a reason she has been so successful and it isn’t just because of her impeccable taste and ability to spot the next big thing before anyone else. When Mrs. B talks to you and looks you in the eye you feel as if you are the only other person in the room.  She is a Queen but she treats all of her loyal subjects (AKA the fashion obsessed) as equals.  That is so incredibly rare these days.  I was enchanted by her mere presence in the room.  I managed to take pictures of her with everyone else but sadly never turned the camera around for one of us together…another time perhaps.

I spent most of the evening up with Kristin looking at Erdem as I couldn’t get a moment free with the popular Mauro Oreitti-Carella, Creative Director for Zagliani.  After having a chance to closer examine his goods I can see why he was such a hot ticket on the evening.  Zagliani was offering custom made bags with the help of Mauro and everyone wanted a chance to participate in such a unique opportunity.  I did get to shake Mauro’s hand at the beginning of the evening and this handsome man was causing us all to smile girlishly throughout the event.  The Italian charm and outstanding designing talent are more than some women can safely handle. When it comes to handbags I knew it would only take him five minutes to convince me I couldn’t live without a Zagliani. How can you say no to samples like this…

Actually, I am keeping some info on Zagliani in reserve for you, dear readers, as he is readying his first store front in London! I haven’t heard dates yet but I’ve seen the signage for the store! When it opens I am going to try and organize a huge feature so we can look more closely at the brand and the amazing pieces creating by the master hand – Mauro!

A big thank you to Iman Pasha, Hind Dahmash, Browns, Erdem and Mauro for a lovely evening!

Remember readers, you can shop both Erdem and Zagliani online now at Browns!


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