Breakfast with Mou Boots

This week I was very honoured to be invited to have breakfast with Shelley Tichborne, the founder of Mou Boots, in London.  I travelled into central London early on Wednesday morning and let me just tell you, it was cold outside.  It was almost as if Shelley had timed the breakfast perfectly so that by the time I got into town for our meeting my little toes would be so cold I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from falling in love with Mou Boots.  Let’s be honest here, I would have fallen in love with them even in the heat of the summer.  And I’m not alone.  Before I start, just a quick look at the good company I’m in with my new love for the brand…

Not bad right?  I mean if Sarah Jessica Parker and Gwyneth Paltrow wear these guys then they must be comfortable and stylish! Although I know how celebrities can sometimes wear certain brands for one reason or another…so I had to find out for myself whether or  not this was the real deal.

After slipping my right foot into the sheepskin lined eskimo suede boot I can assure  you these celebs aren’t being endorsed for wearing these boots. They are sporting Mou boots because they honestly feel incredible.

The Antelope fur boots below are actually the boots that I associate most with the brand because they are the ones I truly adore.  That’s real antelope fur there, ladies.  And trust me, all I wanted to do was pet them when I held them in my hands.  And to top it all off, and this really takes the cake for me, there is a little tail on the back of the boot! If that isn’t the most creative and adorable thing, well I just don’t know what is.

Now a little history on the founder, Shelley, who is just one of the sweetest designers I’ve yet to meet.  Shelley, a Kiwi,  founded Mou in 2002.  Her business began in a small market stall on London’s Portobello Road.  Once the word got around about the comfort and style found with the boots, a cult following ensued.  Orders were placed by Harrods, Selfridges, Barneys, Victoria’s Secret and our personal favourite – Net-a-Porter. They’ve been seen on not only Gwyneth Paltrow and Sarah Jessica Parker but also Cameron Diaz, Emma Watson and Mischa Barton. And for all of you interested in ethical fashion, there’s good news.  Mou boots are crafted out of premium, ethically sourced natural materials, which have been carefully selected for their beauty, softness, warmth and durability.


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