Why I am buying W Magazine this month…the article on Anna Dello Russo

Who am I kidding? I already subscribe to every magazine under the sun, including W…but  YOU have to go out and buy this issue featuring Anna Dello Russo. The imagery is amazing and what you’ll learn about the fashion legend will have you begging to be her best friend. 

Here’s my top five facts about Anna Dello Russo discovered in  W Magazine’s article by J.J. Martin for November 2010…

1. Anna Dello Russo has two adjacent apartments in Milan. One is for living and the other is for all her clothes.

2. Anna owns 4,000 pairs of shoes and has 250 black tuxedo jackets.

3. She once wore a pair of yellow shoes that her cat had used as a litter box the night before…if that isn’t devotion to fashion I don’t know what is.

4. She hates vintage clothes and says, “I love the smell of a new store not an old dress.”

5. Her ex-husband’s best man at their wedding was Stefano Gabbana (who also designed the dress she was wearing on the big day in 1996).


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