Vero Moda: London’s calling and a competition to win free clothing!

Last week I received a wonderful Tweet from the ladies at Vero Moda inviting me to come and take a closer look at their brand. I must confess that I have heard the name Vero Moda before but have never shopped in one of their stores. The Vero Moda shops are very popular on the continent but in the USA and UK (specifically London) they are not as well known. So Friday evening came along and I found myself sprinting over to a beautiful old converted church in Old Street to attend a preview of the Vero Moda Collection. Someone please slap me for being so fashion ignorant. How have I not heard of Vero Moda before?  Here’s how I would describe the chemistry of their clothing…

The range that I spent the most time examining was the Vero Moda Very range, which is the range I believe will appeal to the London crowd the most.  However, I came home and spent some time on the Vero Moda site and scrolled through outfit after outfit from the Vero Moda and Vero Moda Jeans range that I would kill to have in my closet! The great news is that I don’t have to work three jobs or sell my first born child to stock my closet with clothes from the brand. The price points for Vero Moda are perfectly reasonable and actually downright surprising for such superb quality items. The first item I fell in love with, upon walking in the door of the viewing, was a leather jacket that looked like it could have come straight from Rick Owens…

The neck line on this particular jacket is amazingly flattering.  It accentuates your lovely collar bones and widens your shoulders all while giving you a nice structured silhouette.  I will be living in this jacket throughout winter.  So now you know and you don’t need to ask when you see me out in a to die for black leather jacket. It’s Vero Moda, darling!  In fact I would have walked home with their entire catalogue of leather and knitwear if I could have.  This stuff is killer.
Here are two more examples of the Very Collection by Vero Moda…

So what I’m not showing you on the leather dress above are the gorgeous stretch side panels that exist to make this dress wearable.  One of the biggest complaints I have with leather is that it doesn’t like to budge. Well Vero Moda took care of that problem and added sleek black panels that allow your body to gyrate without hesitation on the dance floor!  I’m also not able to convey how incredibly soft their knits are. I was so kindly gifted the sweater above in gray (which I will also be wearing whenever I get the chance).  When I arrived home and was playing dress up with my new additions I refused to take this sweater off after all was said and done and went out for an evening on the town with this, a white LS shirt and old levis. The compliments were plentiful and I couldn’t keep from shouting out “The store is here on November 4th!”  Oh my, I haven’t even told you that yet…I’ll get to it further down so keep reading (and more news about the FREE clothes!).

What I have shown you thus far has been all the Vero Moda Very Collection. However, I am equally in love with the Vero Moda Collection.  Here’s just a quick look at why. I think it will all be made very clear…

I’d also like to mention that Vero Moda has had some absolutely massive names modelling for them in the past which have included Christy Turlington, Claudia Schiffer, Helena Christensen, Kate Moss, Gisele Bundchen. These are women that don’t just put on any clothing that’s thrown at them so that is saying something! Vero Moda is a huge company…they produce over 120,000 items of clothing every day for more than 1700 stores and 3300 wholesale stores across 45 countries worldwide!

So on to further important details…on November 4th at 10am the doors to Vero Moda will open! Surely you all know where Topshop on Oxford Street is, right?  Well Vero Moda is right across the street. How’s that for easy directions?  But it gets better. On the morning of their opening, when the clock strikes 10am, the doors will open and the first 100 women in the door will be given a golden bag. This is not just any golden bag my friends. This bag is the key to free merchandise. This bag is the bag in which you are allowed to fill with a freebie outfit! But you have to be the first in the door….so at 10am you MUST be there to collect some loot! Although…there is one small loophole that only FFG can offer you!

Vero Moda have given Fashion Foie Gras three golden bags to give to our readers!!!!
I am SO excited about doing this as I know this line is right up your alley.  All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is the following:

1. ‘Like’ Vero Moda on Facebook (this will actually give you two chances to win a gold bag).
2. ‘Like’ Fashion Foie Gras on Facebook.
3. Leave a comment below on what three items you’ll be putting in your gold bag should you win one! And make sure to include your email address so we can contact you when you win!

Not too shabby a task list for walking away with a complete outfit from a new fav store!

Get busy, ladies! I want to see some winners on here!


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