Tod’s Spring Summer 2011 Preview in London

Today I attended my first preview for Tod’s.  Let me give you a tiny bit of background here. I’ve been a Tod’s worshipper since I was old enough to know what leather was.  There is no sweeter smell or softer touch than that which comes with the leather of a new Tod’s classic D-bag or pair of Tod’s Gomminos.  These bags are classics from the moment the designer creates the piece in his head.  The leather, no kidding, is built to last a lifetime. These pieces are heritage pieces. I invest in mine knowing that one day my own daughter will ask to borrow a bag I bought twenty years previously.  

So you understand that I went in with a well developed love for the brand.  I knew what I was going to see would leave me with no choice but to take a second job in order to fund my Spring Summer purchases to come.  I was not disappointed. Neither was I disappointed by the lovely ladies who took the time to take me through every shoe, handbag and wallet. This was one of those rare occasions when I felt so honoured to be in the presence of fabulous individuals who work for a brand because they truly love what that brand is! Tod’s PR department gets every great mark I could give.  If I was in love with the brand before I went in, I don’t know how to describe how I was feeling when I left.  I suppose “fantastically fashionably fogged” would be a good description. My eyes had glazed over and I skipped back to the office thinking about the colourful moccasins that would brightening my step in six months’ time. 

Alright, I’ll keep the chat to a minimum and dive straight in here with the pictures. First up we’ll start with the Tod’s Yacht Bag.  Funny story. As I walked in I went straight for the Yacht bags and proceeded to announce, “I’ll be buying each one of these beautiful boat bags.” The PR corrected me as sweetly as possible and said, “These are our Yacht bags.” But of course they are!  Why have a boat when you can have a yacht? Am I right or am I right?

Next up I was introduced to the “t-shirt” bag.  These bags are amazing. Now, just looking at the bag you would think this bag is structured and heavy. Oh how wrong you are. This bag is light as a feather and folds like a charm. That’s why they call it the “t-shirt” bag…it folds right up like a t-shirt when you need to pack.  I’ll take one in every colour!

Moving on I fell in love with Tod’s re-draft of the classic boat shoe.  I grew up in boat shoes as my parents used to have a small yacht on Lake Champlain in Vermont.  We were always running around the decks and needed those lovely rubber soles to keep us from slipping and sliding. However, back in the day we didn’t have anything as glamourous as these little gems.  Suede bodies with rubber soles is the ultimate in deck wear for the discerning yachtsman! Don’t worry gents, they make them for men as well!

I mustn’t forget to mention the gorgeous card holders…

And of course two more bags which caught my eye…

Watch this space ladies and gents as I am hoping to have a few more stories to share from Tod’s in the near future!

A huge thank you to the ladies at Tod’s for taking so much time out of your day to meet with me! It was such a pleasure.


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