Push PR Spring Summer 2011 Press Day

Another day, another fabulous display of original design talent in London town.  This evening I was invited to attend the Spring Summer 2011 Press Day for Push PR. Push PR have a number of brands beneath their umbrella of media excellence including Jasper Garvida, Upper Street Shoes, Goodman Morris Jewellery, Jewellery by Vanya and Ocabini Cashmere (or cash-miracle, as I like to call it).  These are not brands that all of my American audience will be familiar with…but trust me, you’ll here these names on your side of the Atlantic soon.  Such talent is not meant to stay on one over populated island.

I arrived on the scene promptly at 6pm.  At around 2pm the twitter board lit up when Push PR’s account tweeted me to tell me that my arrival time would perfectly coincide with the popping of corks (aka the sweet bubbly stuff).  They weren’t fibbing. When I arrived there were happy fashionistas a plenty drinking bubbly and enjoying fine friends and even finer fashions.

My first stop on the Push PR tour was the Jasper Garvida rack. The pieces looked just as fabulous in person as they did strutting down a catwalk.  These pieces in particular are the gems of the collection, in my eyes…

Then I smelt so freshly sewn leather nearby and sure enough I was confronted with handbags…I swear I have a sixth sense.  Carmen Woods had some of her fine pieces on display for the new season and the look didn’t disappoint. If you are a handbag aficionado I recommend having a look at her site. She has some great pieces out for Autumn Winter. 

I barely had time to recover from the gorgeous leather before I was confronted with a woman that had a tattoo that looked like a giant jeweled dragon.  Avaa was on hand for the night applying body transfer removable tattoos, bindis and mehndi. It looked so awesome. If only I had had more time…I would have gone full coverage! 

Then, imagine my surprise when I came face to face with Anna Wintour (courtesy of Christopher Lee Sauve)!

Then the Tara Starlet shorts popped onto my radar. It was actually the hangtag that grabbed my attention initially.  I love the logo. I’m a sucker for branding and always will be.  But the shorts themselves lived up to the branding. These will be hot for Spring Summer, no pun intended. In fact I’d be willing to bet you we’ve already seen a few pairs on Katy Perry. 

There was so much jewellery on show I barely knew where to start. But I am a classics girl and Goodman Morris instantly grabbed my attention with these two golden goodies…

Thank you so much PUSH PR!


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