Philanthropic Fashion: The Tory Burch Foundation

Today, Monday, October 18th begins National Women’s Business Week, which runs through Friday, October 22. There are so many reasons to celebrate this week and embrace the changes that it will encourage.  One successful business woman in fashion, Tory Burch, is taking the opportunity to pay her success forward.  I am proud to introduce you to The Tory Burch Foundation, a non-profit organization which provides economic opportunities for women and their families in the USA.  Launched in 2009, the Foundation, under the direction of Tory Burch, works to create change by economically empowering women.  Breaking that down into plain English for you,Tory Burch is helping women with great business ideas get the money they need to turn their dreams into reality. Tory is a self made woman who started a brand that is sold around the world and is highly celebrated for its success and continued global activity.  What a fabulous woman to inspire other women to go out and claim a piece of the world for their own.  

Did you know that women make up more than half of the 37 million Americans living below the poverty line?  Women are more likely to be denied a loan they qualify for, more likely to report poor treatment from financial institutions and more likely to be the one juggling responsibilities of business and family.  We have a lot of pressure on us, ladies. Sometimes we need a little help. We have the opportunity to create change throughout America if we have the guts to take a chance.  Small businesses provide more than seventy-five percent of new jobs in the USA. For most small businesses, only a $10,000 loan is required for start up.  Yet an average small business loan at a bank starts at $100,000.  The Tory Burch Foundation has teamed up with America’s leading microlender, ACCION USA, to increase the number of loans available to women entrepreneurs. 

There are several ways you, as an individual, can get involved to help with the Foundation.  First up, donations are always encouraged! Sometimes it takes as little as $5,000 to get a business up and running and every bit can help! You can also mentor and do exactly as Tory is doing…giving back what you have been given. The gift of knowledge and experience is priceless. You can also spread the word and give back all at the same time by shopping for special Tory Burch Foundation products. Tory has designed beautiful totes, t-shirts, jewelry and a special limited edition CD for the Foundation.  All profits from the products sold go straight to helping women tackle their entrepreneurial spirit.  

 Thank you, Tory, for sharing your success with others. 


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