Pendleton: A brand with accessories you may not expect

When I was younger I used to turn down my nose at the Pendleton catalogue that would arrive in my family’s mailbox in the USA. I wasn’t interested in what I would call “old lady clothes.”  Oh how young and ignorant I was.  I will admit that the Pendleton catalogue is not all wonderful must have items for your closet. However, there are some pieces that are well worth investing in! While I was home this past weekend I was sifting through the catalogues that had piled up since I was last in North Carolina and it seems I may have given up on Pendleton but Pendleton had not given up on me. There she lay, the catalogue I had shaken off as a youth.  I opened the catalogue randomly for a laugh and this was the first item I saw.

Well, hello you gorgeous belt! I, honestly, turned the catalogue over to make sure this was in fact the Pendleton catalogue.  Yup, I wasn’t imagining things.  So I continued to flick through the catalogue and continued to find several items which I wasn’t coming back to the UK without. Here’s a quick overview of some of the items you’ll be seeing me sporting this fall…


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