Paul & Joe Spring 2011: Sophie Albou presents a west coast dream

As I watched each model for Paul & Joe cheerfully bounce down the runway I couldn’t help but get a West Coast, USA vibe. For those familiar with the brand you will already know that Sophie Albou has just recently opened a store in Los Angeles….truly a city of sunshine (and smog).  The entire show felt like people watching on Rodeo Drive on a gorgeous light summer day.  I loved every minute of it.  In my head I kept chanting “easy, breezy, beautiful…cover girl.” Random, I know. But smiles are contagious and each and every model on the runway was beaming. You couldn’t help but love these clothes! All the fabrics were light and airy and had such a laid back attitude about them (total L.A.). They are meant for sunshine and beaches, but could be worn on city streets and crowded tubes should you need to bring the sunshine to another country.  Once again Albou’s creations give us the ability to change our entire attitude about life just be throwing on a long flowing skirt or a metallic print blazer.


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