Net-a-Porter will publish weekly ipad magazine

NET-A-PORTER.COM has just announced the launch of a weekly iPad magazine app. As if I don’t have enough of a credit card problem without this coming out! Each and every page is designed for easy shopping.  Essentially it’s like reading Vogue but being able to buy straight off the page (and frankly I am liking Net-a-Porter’s editiorials a lot more these days than any other magazine in print).

With the NET-A-PORTER weekly magazine app, users can:

  • Shop complete looks direct from the glossy shoots in NET-A-PORTER’s magazine

  • Watch exclusive video content including runway shows and interviews with the world’s leading designers

  • View exquisite, high quality images of items

  • Share product suggestions with family and friends

  • Read it, watch it, shop it anywhere!

Claudia Plant, Editorial Director at Net-a-Porter, says: “We are extremely excited to be launching with the weekly edition of our iPad app. As the first, and only, weekly fashion magazine app we are thrilled to be able to offer our customers the opportunity to read, interact and shop wherever they are.”


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