My new “Birkin-non-Birkin” thanks to Push PR and Jasper Garvida

Last month I had dinner with Amanda from Forty Not Out during London Fashion Week. We were both running around like crazy women trying to make it to as many shows as possible during the day. Amanda had managed to make it to the Jasper Garvida show and I had been stuck in traffic and unable to make it on time so I gave up half way there and made peace with the fact that I would get a chance to see the collection up close and personal in a matter of weeks. When Amanda came into the restaurant I immediately gave her a big hug and followed it with a shriek and a quick “where did you get that Birkin-non-Birkin.”  Now that is not the official name of the bag but ever since I had seen it on a fashion style blog months ago I’ve wondered where it came from and I lovingly gave it that name upon my first viewing.  Apparently this was the Jasper Garvida show goodie bag! It was a double slap in the face…missed the show and a chance at a cult tote! 

Two weeks ago I mentioned this to Push PR and Jasper Garvida in passing. As I have a Birkin bag waiting for me in the not too distant future I felt I needed something to bridge the gap and this bag felt like the perfect way to jokingly carry my first Birkin.  So I wanted to know how I could get my hands on one!  Well, the bag is by a company called Banane and they are made and sold out of Taipei. And guess what…there’s a waiting list. They are sold out completely! It’s worse than the queue for an actual Birkin!

So that’s where tonight comes in….Push PR and Jasper Garvida had managed to get another one from Taipei as a surprise for me!!!! I was, and am, over the moon! How awesome is this bag? Actually, I think you either love it or you hate it.  But I think it’s so original and funky I can’t help but adore it. A Birkin on a canvas tote…it’s just pure genius!

Thank you so much Push PR and Jasper Garvida!!!!! Here are a few detail shots of the gorgeous bag… (sorry so dark…something’s up with the camera).


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