My Gap Teeth… why did I ever get braces?

That’s right…I used to possess the hottest accessory of the season…a gap between my two front teeth! Only in 1995 I was begging my parents to give me braces to correct what was considered a sore sight! I wanted to have perfect teeth like all the other girls at school. Standing at over six feet tall I was different enough. I didn’t want another “feature” that would make me stand out from the crowd. I wanted to conform. What a mistake that was.  

Youngsters who may be reading this…remember that standing out from the crowd is the best possible gift you can receive.  You NEVER want to be someone who looks like everyone else and is easily forgettable. Embrace your differences and make them work for you. Work that extra something that makes you different! Just look at these gorgeous women that decided to work their gap toothed smiles. They are the picture of perfection with a beauty that is completely unique.


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