Marisa Miller talks to Fashion Foie Gras about the NFL, keeping fit and more

Yesterday we had the opportunity to interview Marisa Miller, the woman who’s been dubbed “America’s Supermodel.” She has had an amazing career and her portfolio only continues to grow day after day. Miller was discovered by Mario Testino and went straight into Vogue (our bible, of course). Since then Marisa’s career has literally exploded. She is a Victoria’s Secret Angel, a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model (appeared on the cover in 2008) and is currently the official spokesmodel for the NFL, Captain’s Morgan’s and Harley Davidson. She is in London this weekend for the NFL 49ers vs. Broncos game this Sunday.  Fashion Foie Gras was invited along to talk to Marisa about her involvement with the NFL and ask any questions we may have for the Supermodel about her career, fitness, etc. Last week we asked readers to submit questions and yesterday we had them all answered for you.

This was our first camera interview and I have to tell you we went in there feeling a bit like amateur hour. When we arrived Marisa was in an interview with a men’s magazine. We were not kept waiting long at all, and after meeting Marisa I can see this is done on purpose as she is not a diva that likes to make others wait (we won’t name names of those who are). As the men’s magazine left the room they both looked a bit flustered…I am sure you can understand why. They also left the room with tons of equipment and we came in with our simple Flip HD Camera in hand. That didn’t help the nerves! Upon entering the room, Miller bounded out of her chair and greeted us with a firm handshake and a 100 megawatt smile. As a woman you so want to hate someone as beautiful as Marisa Miller. However, upon meeting and chatting with her you can’t help but want to be her best friend instead. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this individual. I have yet, in my career as a journalist, to meet anyone that was more enchanting and just generally delightful.

A big thank you to Marisa Miller, her whole team and the NFL for giving us this wonderful opportunity! 

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