Little Red Dress and the Big Red Cup…it’s Starbucks time!

November magazines are covered in red dresses, editors are proclaiming “red is the new black” and famous faces everywhere are stepping onto red carpets with matching frocks.  The world has gone mad for red. How fitting then that November is also the month when we all go crazy for another red accessory – the Starbucks red cup! There is no moment that comes close to the moment when you get your first red cup of the season. Some have likened it to taking home a brand new handbag…I’ll shoot right for the top and say it’s like opening an orange Hermes box at Christmas.  Nothing can change my mood faster than a red cup in hand.  It is my number one accessory for this winter and next, and for the numerous holiday seasons that have past.  Carrying a white Starbucks cup during the holidays is like carrying last year’s Miu Miu. It’s not done.  So don’t be a fashion victim and march your red dressed behind down to your local Starbucks.  My informers in the USA tell me that the cups are out today in select locations (Dallas and Charlotte have been confirmed).  If you are in London you will find the cups in select stores on November 3rd and then rolled out across the city in every local Starbucks on November 4th!  I’m thinking about having a bloggers party at my local to celebrate the occasion. Who’s with me?

For those who just can’t wait another moment without a glimpse of the red cup…here’s a little pic Starbucks so generously shared with me of the forthcoming Gingerbread Latte in Red:


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