Levi’s Shape What’s to Come Launch in London

This evening I attended an event, hosted by Levi’s, that will not be soon forgotten. This will stand out from every other event I’ve been to thus far this year, in fact. It wasn’t because of fancy antics or good champagne (as a matter of fact there wasn’t even any champagne on offer…it was a beer night).  It has a place in history because it was a night filled with inspiration and that shining light came from women just like you and me. I know you, my readers, and I know you all want something bigger and better than you have right now. You have wishes and dreams, some of which have never gone further than a bubble in your head.

This evening I listened to a panel of six amazing women who have taken those “dream bubbles” and worked harder than they have ever before to make those dreams realities. Six women sat on wooden stools on a dusty stage and shared their stories or perseverance.

The panel included: the creative designers, Anna Murray and Grace Winteringh of Patternity, the woman for all entrepreneurs, Justice Williams, the fashion blogger, Kristin Knox, the Dj, Ikonika and the film maker, Kathryn Ferguson.

A crowd of about 75 young aspiring creative professionals hung on every word that was spoken by this panel. We heard their struggles, their a-ha moments and the tips for allowing those moments to happen. Perhaps most importantly we all heard that through it all they’ve come out the other side as successful women who want to “pay it forward” and take our hands and lead us through the dark times of going it on your own.

Levi’s have created this new initiative, “Shape what’s to come” for all of us that have a passion and want to not only make a living with that passion but also make a difference. THAT is why this evening sticks out for me! I struggle everyday trying to juggle work and passion. I spread myself thin and I wonder if I’ll even live to see my thirty first birthday. I come away tonight feeling like not only will I reach that birthday but I’ll be kicking entrepreneurial ass when I do!

Since sometimes I get a bit carried away with my writing and forget to give all the facts, I thought I’d include a tid bit from the official Levi’s press release.  This is, word for word, what Levi’s is hoping to do with this new project:

The proverbial path that once existed into adulthood: education, career, marriage, family; has been blurred. Today, young women are presented with a complex web of opportunities of which are theirs for the taking. And while the possibilities and uncertainties that come with so many options can be daunting, we are going forth. We simply need a wider range of unconventional guidance and direction to help weave together our many interests and ambitions.

Which is why Levi’s® created Shape What’s to Come – an online community based around shared interests and passions, regardless of age or location. It’s a place where we can seek perspective and support from women like ourselves…and maybe not like ourselves.

We think of it as mentorship, reimagined, where each of us can both inspire and be inspired. It’s a place to negotiate our complex choices and to savor ideas from around the globe. It can be as simple as sharing goals and getting a dose of inspiration, or it can turn into actual connections: the spark of an opportunity, the launch of a career, or the beginning of a great adventure.

This is the place where women come together to Shape What’s To Come.

For those of you that couldn’t attend this evening’s event, don’t worry! You are not out of luck here. This whole idea from Levi’s is about more than just a one night pep talk. This is a full blown community that will launch on Monday on levis.com.  Don’t pass up this opportunity to take part in something amazing.

From the bottom of my dreaming heart I would like to thank Levi’s for being a brand that wants to do more than make a buck. They wish to pay forward their success to people like you and me. Then it’s our responsibility to do the same for future generations.


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