A hidden gem for jewelry: The British Museum

I love finding gems in the most unexpected places! This week I had a wonder around the British Museum at lunchtime as these are the things I love doing most in London…getting lost among powerful objects.  As I was hurrying back to the office I realized I had forgotten to pop into the British Museum shop.  This, it must be said, is always my second favourite part of visiting museums – the shopping you get to do in the giftshop! And you can’t feel guilty about it because you are supporting a wonderful establishment by shopping there. Ok, I promise I am getting somewhere with this post.  When I arrived back at the office, I sat down at my desk and decided to look online to see if I could buy a book for the exhibition. Well imagine my surprise when a whole world of purchasing opportunities were revealed right before my very eyes.  The British Museum Online Shop, contrary to popular believe, is not just a shop to get your exhibition books and posters.  No sir, it is a place to buy absolutely everything from luxury gifts to tea towels.  After I had finished sorting the Christmas presents for all the folks back home in North Carolina I took a look at something I could purchase to treat myself.  Here’s just a preview of why I couldn’t tear myself away from the store…

I think the pictures say all they need to…this is an unexpected find indeed!


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