Guest Blogger: Miss Emma Day, professional makeup artist to the rich and famous, reviews Aesop

Last week Emily and I finally managed to grab a Byron burger together, having had our respective crazy work schedules conspiring against it at every turn, we hadn’t actually managed to see each other since August. Her first words to me were “Miss Day, I need to know what you are using on your skin, I have never seen you so glowing!”….. 

My answer was plain and simple….Aesop……I  had recently re-disovered this brand having noticed the distinctive brown bottles in a male friend’s bathroom, in fact I couldn’t avoid them. He had five different products lovingly laid out and clearly regularly used. I teased him about his stringent skin-care regime and decided to do a bit of research into a brand that elicited such devotion in a hetro-sexual, style loving male in his early 30s.

I hot-footed it to a consultation at the Redchurch st shop, where different products were rubbed into the top of my hands, instantly rendering them 10 years younger and smelling deliciously of lavender and Ylang lang. For my combination skin, I was prescribed the Parsley seed anti-oxidant, the fabulous facial oil, the Parsley seed facial oil cleanser, the Parsley seed toner and the pore cleansing Parsley seed masque. All  were presented in a lovely brown card-board box, lined with paper that lists all their picks of the best shops and restaurants in capitals around the world, adorned with quirky philosophical quotes and then put into a simple Aesop cream cotton bag. The attention to detail add to what is a really rather brilliant skin-care experience. 

However, the best is yet to come – my skin seems to have the perky, plumped up texture of someone many years younger and its not just me thats noticed. I keep getting asked if I am in my mid to late 20s, it just keeps happening….. and I’m not. I also intend never to succumb to botox so I need my skin-care to work for me. Bearing in mind, these are not specifically anti-aging products, I’m more than impressed by this brand. Whats more, with Christmas coming up – they have some brilliant Gift kits which have seven combinations of skincare, hair and body products in stylish little black wash bags based on the theme of travel. If you are stuck for pressie ideas for the person who has everything then you really cannot go wrong with one of these. All hail the cult of Aesop.


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