Guerlain ‘s racial slur could cost LVMH dearly

Jean Paul Guerlain made the biggest mistake you can make last week on national television. He used the “N” word to describe his work ethic.  In fact, I better just tell you exactly what he said (translated from French to English): “I worked like a n****r. I don’t know if n*****s have always worked like that, but anyway.”

Excuse, moi? What was that Jean-Paul Guerlain? Surely we must have misunderstood you while you were describing your fragrance? I know you are 73 and everything and grew up in a different time but certainly you recognize that this is not the 1920s! 

LVMH, owner of Guerlain, immediately released a statement condemning the words spoken by Guerlain. Unfortunately that wasn’t enough for the people of France.  Over 100 protesters were stationed outside the Guerlain store in Paris over the weekend demanding a boycott of the Parisian perfume house.  Now there are lawsuits by anti-racism groups being announced. 

Image of JP Guerlain Source


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